Digital Advertising

Low-priced, innovative and customer orientated.

pos-vision allows businesses to display animated commercials and announcements on flat screens and is a completely new way to reach customers in your area. With pos-vision you are able to flexibly and directly reach targeted groups of consumers in locations in which advertising would not normally be able to do so. Read more.


Free Construction of commercials

Easily create your own commercials based on pre-configured templates or simply use previously finished ones.


Increased Attention

Increase public attention to your pos-vision spots by including infotainment, such as news and weather forecasts from your local area.



Advertisings don't always have to be expensive. The hardware is all provided free of charge* and the only costs are low, monthly payments, enabling you to advertise cheaply and efficiently.


*Exceptions: bigger flatscreens than 24'', a second flatscreens or the HD-Foil.
**14 cents per minute when calling from a landline, prices will differ when calling from a mobile network.
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